Celbridge & Straffan Gospel Choir

About our choir


The Celbridge & Straffan Gospel Choir first met in April 2007 following a spiritually uplifting mass in the Parish at which the Dublin Gospel Choir performed. Following the mass those interested in setting up the Choir were invited to meet with the Dublin group for tea and biscuits in the local school hall. That night twenty local young people put their names on the list as interested in starting a Gospel Choir. This group included several musicians.

The group wears purple robes sponsored by the Parish and sing on a weekly basis in Celbridge and a monthly basis in Straffan. The churches are always packed to capacity with all ages loving the joyful, enthusiastic atmosphere that the group brings to the celebration of the Mass.

Under the direction of Kathleen Kinsella the group sing a wide range of traditional gospel music and contemporary pieces in gospel style. We are regularly receiving requests to perform at various functions.

Membership of the Celbridge & Straffan gospel choir is completely voluntary and the level of devotion and commitment of each member is staggering.

  • Testimonials

    There's nothing quite like the uplifting sound of a gospel choir singing. Since the Gospel Choir started to sing on Saturday evening in Celbridge and once a month in Straffan, the sound of their voices lifted in praise have inspired feelings of joy and wonder, devotion and determination in our hearts deepening the experience of Mass with new energy and enthusiasm.

    The choir help bring the whole congregation together as a spiritual community in a wholeheartedly enthused, joyful and prayerful way in our celebration of the Mass. When you hear a song like “O Happy Day,” you don’t just sit in your seat, the music awakens something inside us that, yes, makes us happy, but also reaches our souls through music in ways that uplifts our spirits.